Beach & Spa

Spring of Olmitello

Along the Maronti beach in the direction of S. Angelo, on the right the Cava di Olmitello appears, open and inviting, about 300 meters from the entrance, a trickle of precious water gushes out, known for its healthy virtues already in the XV century.

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Cavascura Spring

Cavascura is a hydrological basin in its natural state, where it is possible to relive the very ancient times; dug into the living stone of a valley, it has not been transformed over the years but still retains its caves, its small waterfalls, its boiling springs that continue to come down from the mountain at the incredible temperature of 90 °.

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Nitrodi spring

The most important of the island of Ischia in terms of water flow and therapeutic validity.

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The Beach of Maronti

The Maronti beach is surrounded by a landscape enveloped in typically Mediterranean scents, colors and vegetation.

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