The Maronti Consortium


On October, 19th 1999 the Maronti Cooperative was established thanks to some entrepreneurs operating on the Maronti beach.

Its main goal consists in promoting the tourism development of the Ischia island through every kind of enterprise activity targeted to the environmental protection and safeguard.

In fact, most of the middle and small companies of the Maronti beach deemed it necessary to express a unique decision-making will to the achievement of the said purpose. It was therefore indispensable to count on an entity that could represent and carry out its environmental, institutional and commercial projects and problems.

It is difficult to establish these kinds of associations in Southern Italy due to the poor propensity of the local entrepreneurs towards collective company forms.

So, it is clear that the Maronti Cooperative turns out to be a significant shelter for each member company as well as a development and up-dating instrument both for the companies and their working area.

Such a synergy of will and care can represent the right combination to better quality, look and offer of the tourist product.


The absolute main duty of the Cooperative has always been and always will be the promotion of the Maronti area as well as of the whole Ischia island.

This main aim is pursued through strategies targeted to highlight the territory and optimize the companies’ actions:

• Strengthening relations between members;
• Centralizing purchases;
• Planning cultural, sport and social events activities;
• Planning management activities;
• Defining and carrying out advertisement;
• Planning interventions to solve environmental, traffic, transport and safety problems;
• Cooperating with Institutions.


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