10 things to do in Ischia

Whether you have decided to dedicate a long weekend of wellness and relaxation, or a holiday lasting a whole week or more, these places you have selected are absolutely not to be missed.

Il Castello Aragonese

From the outpost of the Syracusan Greek Gerone I to the conquest of Alfonso of Aragon, from the glories of Vittoria Colonna’s marriage to the English bombing of 1809, from total abandonment to recovery thanks to the intuition of a farsighted lawyer from Ischia: twenty-five centuries of history between churches , convents, prisons, lush gardens and breathtaking viewpoints suspended between sky and sea in an atmosphere out of time.
For more information visit the website Castello Aragonese

I giardini termali:

I Giardini di Poseidon a Forio
Il parco Idrotermale Negombo di Lacco Ameno
Il parco termale Castiglione a Casamicciola
Le terme di Cavascura ai Maronti
La fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi a Barano
Parco Termale Tropical a Sant’Angelo
O’Vagnitiello a Casamicciola Terme
Thermal Park & Spa Aphrodite Apollon a Serrara Fontana

La Baia di Sorgeto

The Bay of Sorgeto d’Ischia (234 comfortable steps to reach it) is famous for its thermal pools by the sea.
In Sorgeto, a stream of hot thermal water descends from the mountain and, mitigating itself with the cold water of the sea, forms various natural hot pools enclosed by stones, where you can bathe even in winter.
The Bay of Sorgeto is a paradise nestled in one of the most evocative corners of the island of Ischia in the municipality of Forio, in Panza, on the edge of the beautiful village of Sant’Angelo.
Once you have reached the incredible destination, you immediately understand that you have arrived in a fantastic world, out of reality: intense fumes, hot vapors that come out of the rocks and the sea, the pungent scent of thermal water mixed with the smell of the sea they come to meet you and run you down the stairs.
Via Sorgeto, 35, 80075 Forio NA

Giardini La Mortella

The La Mortella Gardens were created starting in 1958 by Lady Susana Walton, the Argentine-born wife of the English composer Sir William Walton. The gardens are located on the promontory of Zaro in the municipality of Forio, on the island of Ischia.
The Waltons arrived in Ischia shortly after their marriage, in 1949. At first they settled in a rented house, but then decided to buy land, in the locality called Le Mortelle – named after myrtle bushes (Myrtus communis) that grew among the rocks. Thus the property was called La Mortella. Lady Walton has been developing the garden for more than 50 years, initially with the help and advice of English landscape architect Russell Page, then exclusively following her own inspiration.
Via Francesco Calise Operaio Foriano, 45, 80075 Forio | 081 986220

I Giardini Ravino

The Ravino Gardens are an acclimatization botanical park, which gathers in 6,000 square meters the largest and most varied European collection of succulent plants, put together by Captain Giuseppe D’Ambra in over fifty years of passion, and framed by the exuberant Mediterranean flora.
Just above this small Eden, stands the Villa Ravino, a residence that offers an unprecedented holiday concept: a stay in independent apartments, each with its own garden or terrace, and access to the solarium, the outdoor swimming pool and the indoor thermal pool. ; all within a botanical garden equipped with a Lounge Cafè where you can have breakfast, have a light lunch mid-day, or sip, in the enchanted light of the sunset, an aperitif with our exclusive Cactus Cocktail, or even dine in a unique atmosphere.
S.S. 270 Citara – 80075 Forio d’Ischia | 081 997783

Il Borgo di Sant’Angelo

Sant’Angelo d’Ischia, in the municipality of Serrara Fontana is an ancient fishing village that extends in front of the characteristic islet of Ischia.
It is the characteristic Mediterranean village with all the colorful houses perched on the tuff ridge of the mountain leaning against each other and overlooking the wonderful panorama of the crystalline sea of Ischia.
Its Piazzetta, open to the marina, is a pedestrian area and meeting place thanks to the many shops and clubs that put their tables outdoors, often full of tourists enjoying the peace and tranquility of the village.
In the Tower, the upper part of the islet, in ancient times stood the small church dedicated to the Archangel Michael who gave the village its name.

La Chiesa del Soccorso a Forio

One of the most represented and known churches for its position overlooking the sea of Forio.
The Chiesa del Soccorso, also known as Santa Maria della Neve stands out in its white and in its particular architecture with various styles on the square of the Soccorso. The structure was originally part of a convent which was then suppressed in 1653.
Originally it consisted of a single nave and the apse area while today it has been enriched with the chapel of a particular crucifix and a dome that surmounts the altar. The latter, formerly more massive, collapsed with the earthquake of 1983 and was rebuilt in a more proportionate way.
Via del Soccorso, 80075 Forio NA

Il Torrione di Forio

It is the tallest and most powerful tower to overlook the entire municipality of Forio which in the past had to defend itself several times from the incursions of the Saracens and Turks who landed along the shores to carry out raids in what was once the land of the sun.
Built around 1480, it is an important tufa rock fortification with a circular plan. His was a strategic function: being positioned higher than all the other towers distributed in the territory, he had the task of sighting the enemies and implementing a defensive line first.
Via Torrione, 32, 80075 Forio NA | 081 3332126

La Sorgente di Nitrodi

The oldest SPA in the world already known by the first Greek colonists of Southern Italy and dedicated to Apollo and the Nitrodi Nymphs.
It is from that distant time that the source began to be a destination for those seeking refreshment for the most varied ailments. Warriors went to Nitrodi to heal their wounds, women who wanted to become mothers, the elderly with gout and arthritis, Roman matrons who wished, thanks to the extraordinary powers of this fons juventutis, to defend the beauty of skin and hair from blows. weather.
Via Pendio Nitrodi, 80070 Barano d’Ischia | Tel: 081990528

La Baia di San Montano

This cove is fine sand, shallow water and clear water. Equipped with parking, equipped bathing establishment, water sports equipment.
The Negombo Hydrothermal Park dominates the bay with various seawater and thermal pools.

Museo Archeologico di Pithecusae

The Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae is located in Lacco Ameno, on the island of Ischia, in the metropolitan city of Naples. The headquarters are located in the main building of the Villa Arbusto complex.
Villa Arbusto, Corso Angelo Rizzoli, 210, 80076 Lacco Ameno NA | 081996103


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