S. Angelo

A long walk by the sea, the open sea with the jade reflections of the Maronti will lead you to Sant’Angelo. Sant’Angelo a handful of colorful houses, a small tourist pier, narrow streets where you can only go on foot, luxury boutiques and laughing bars, all enveloped in the scent of seaweed, of the sea that goes around.

Starting from the hamlet of Testaccio, in Barano – if long walks don’t scare you – take one of the most scenic roads on the island, the winding road that leads to the Maronti beach. It’s a couple of km of walking all downhill; at every turn a closer view of the bay that ends with the islet of Sant’Angelo.

Let yourself be carried away by this seascape which in winter is even more romantic, but every now and then you can also observe the tuff walls and the rolling hills that surround the beach and you will understand the origin of its name: sea and mountains together , sea and mountains in one place. When you reach the Maronti pitch you will find the descent to the beach. Know that this long sandy road is one of the hottest on the island, so don’t be surprised if you will find a completely different climate from where you started. This large bay sheltered from the winds is kissed by the sun even in the middle of winter.

We recommend a detour along the route, once you reach the height of the Cava Scura valley; here, in fact, a shady path opens between two high tuff walls that reaches the source from which the area takes its name.
Cavascura is one of the most famous thermal springs on the island, frequented since the time of the ancient Romans. Once visited, take a small street next to the Jesca restaurant, which opens on your right; this climb leads to an alternative path up the hill. The road is unpaved but easy.

From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Maronti beach and Mount Sant’Angelo. Both the small road at the top and the path on the beach lead to the same point: an uphill road that runs alongside the Aphrodite Apollon spa, of which a large thermal “shower head” is visible. delightful, full of plants and flowers; the street winds between ancient hotels of Sant’Angelo, gardens and terraced vegetable gardens overlooking the sea.

After the climb you will reach the white country church of San Michele Arcangelo. From here on the road is all downhill and leads through alleys and alleys in the heart of Sant’Angelo. : the nets to dry in the sun, the cats in the square, the silent windows, the boats pulled up to dry on the beach will project you a dimension out of time, where the hours are marked by sunrise and sunset. And what sunsets in Sant’Angelo!

A decisive ‘cameo’ of the bay dominates one end of Sant’Angelo beach: a pretty suburb, once a primitive fishing village.

This peninsula has no equal in the national geographic territory. Currently the old fishermen’s houses that rise at the roots of the mountain are confused with the luxurious hotels that make S. Angelo a small Capri.

In S. Angelo you feel a sense of reassuring rest: cars are banned here and racing cars whizzing on the island’s state road cannot be accessed here. Outdoor bars and restaurants welcome you amidst sky, sea and mountains.

Thermal waters abound in its surroundings. Along the beach that leads to the Marina dei Maronti there are the famous Fumaroles: you have to be careful not to walk barefoot as the sand is hot!


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