Cavascura Spring

Cavascura is a hydrological basin in its natural state, where it is possible to relive the very ancient times; dug into the living stone of a valley, it has not been transformed over the years but still retains its caves, its small waterfalls, its boiling springs that continue to come down from the mountain at the incredible temperature of 90 °.

The spring of Cavascura is located about 300 meters from the Maronti beach, and is accessed by following a rivulet of hot water that opens onto a small bed between the tuffaceous walls of the hill. Interesting and picturesque is the play of colors that are observed as you go inside: violet predominates; you can see a small corridor with high tuff walls with small cells dug into the rock. It is an open-air thermal room, with flowering brooms, thick bushes, chestnut trees and oaks, whose leaves turn from green to violet. High on the crest, the vine spreads its tendrils clinging everywhere and below, under your feet, next to the rivulet formed by the waters of the spring, a lot of green moss.

At the bottom of the valley, where the tufaceous wall ends, the thermal spring gurgles, exhaling the healthy vapors. In the caves carved into the rock, the very hot waters flow naturally. In the restful half-light of the caverns, patients take a bath savoring the authentic contact with nature not mediated by human intervention. There are also hot showers that come down from the mountain as well as waterfalls and natural saunas.

In a cave saturated with vapors, patients practice the ancient stoves, inhaling gaseous exhalations that come directly from the depth of the hydrothermal basin. Then there is a hot shower that comes down from the mountain in the shape of a waterfall. Under the jet of this thermal water you can only resist a few minutes because the temperature reaches 70-80 °.

Finally, there are cosmetic treatments with the application of natural mud found on the spot and left to mature in the thermal water that flows from the subsoil.


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