The Beach of Maronti

The Maronti beach is surrounded by a landscape enveloped in typically Mediterranean scents, colors and vegetation.

E’ l’unica spiaggia del Comune di Barano, ma estesa quanto nessun’altra dell’isola. Davanti ha It is the only beach of the Barano town but boasts the highest length of the island. A wide bay with a landscape made of cliffs and ridges where the green Mediterranean maquis under the hot sunbeams of July and August is partially transformed into a golden expanse.

On the few level grounds mostly close to the ridges there are hotels and restaurants able to meet every guest’s requirement.

The name of the most well-known beach of Ischia derives from Greek and was then translated into Latin with the noun “quatior” which means “quiet beach”.

In 1536, 1544 and who knows how many other times Oriental pirates disembarked on this beach and spread death and destruction throughout the island besides kidnapping thousands of islanders to sell them as slaves.

Nowadays we can just admire the tranquil beauty of the beach and the widespread twinkling of the bay, which bob up not pirate ships but peaceful sports crafts in.

To enrich the charm of the landscape the dark mouths of the quarries emerge on the beach: their paths can be climbed up in search of emotions. In one of these quarries there is the most powerful spring of thermal waters on our island: the Spring of Cava Scura. You will be surprised to discover that on the slopes of the hill a thermal bath in the open air was made in the live tuff. The pools are located among the therapeutic waters to offer a comfortable bath. These thermal baths were already famous to the ancient Romans in another form.


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